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The jurisdiction of the Division consisting of whole of the area coming the Kadi Taluka of Mehsana District. The detail jurisdiction is as under :-


AR-I, Kadi

Jurisdiction over GIDC, Kadi except the following units

1) Madhusudan Ceramics
2) Madhusudan Tiles
3) Somani Pilkingstone Ltd.
4) Rosemount (I) Ltd.

AR-II, Kadi

Jurisdiction over village Budasan, Irana & Units on Kadi-Kalol road upto petrol pump & following units of GIDC Kadi

1) Rosemount (I) Ltd.
2) Madhusudan Tiles

AR-III, Kadi

Jurisdiction over Village Karannagar, Ankhil & Indrad except opening on Kalol-Mehsana Highway & M/s Somani Pilkingstone Ltd. Of Kadi.

AR-IV Kadi

Jurisdiction over remaining areas of Kadi Taluka excluding units falling under the jurisdiction of AR-!, AR-II and AR-III of kadi and Nandasan Range.


Units located at the following villages of Kadi Taluka namely, Rajpur Nandasan, Ganeshpura, Kethal, Tankia, Anandpur, Chandarda, Ghumasan, Jhulasan, Ambavpura, Kerjisan, Vadu, Nersla & units located in Itasan Village but having opening on Mehsana-Kalol Highway.

AR-100% EOU

All 100% EOUs located within jurisdiction of Central Excise, Division-II Mehsana.